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Starter + main course + dessert / 38€

Starter 11€

Marinated octopus, avocado, crisp and slightly acid vegetables like a talo

Crispy soft-boiled egg, leeks, raw mushrooms, ash vinaigrette

Kakos terrine and duck foie gras, lentils in old wine vinegar

Mimosa eggs as in the past

Shellfish bisque, crayfish delight, Espelette pepper puff pastry

Salmon tartar, oysters and sea bass with ginger

Crunchy gambas, citrus sauce, mesclun

Main course 22€

Veal’s head, poached tongue and brains, caper ravigote sauce

Viennese hake with mustard, spinach, mushrooms like a lasagna

Roasted poultry on a spit with herb butter, mashed potatoes

Cod a la plancha, caramelized endives with bitter orange, coriander oil

Loin of veal, fondant carrots, small grenaille potatoes, small capers, sage juice (extra charge + 2€)

Shoulder of lamb from the Basque Country, autumn vegetables, navarin juice

Roasted scallops in salted butter, baby spinach shoots and green apples (extra charge + 2€)

Crispy, melting farm pig rib, macaroni gratin, chorizo crumble

Desserts 10€

The traditional vanilla millefeuille with salted butter caramel (extra charge + 2€)

Mr Vidal’s sheep’s cheese, cherry jam

Roasted figs, cream cheese mousse, verbena ice cream and meringue

Christian Constant’s chocolate pie

Homemade profiteroles, hot chocolate sauce

Waffle with whipped cream, chocolate or caramel with fleur de sel

Floating island and salted butter caramel